I've fully recovered now from spending six (yes six, I arrived on the Wednesday, early bird gets the worms and all that, plus I didn't want to miss a second) days of dancing and wading through a truly stinky existence together with the great unwashed. Being a Glastonbury virgin, but still deeply madly and truely in love with festivals, I was well up for it this year considering I've been meaning to go for so long, (last year I spent a fearful half hour on the phone, but it then sold out).
I was so taken aback by it's awsomeness, my landlady said to visit the less commercial area (or 'Babylon' as she calls it) and to opt for Trash city, Healing fields etc.. and I'm so glad I did, the sheer creativity of the people who set up the stalls and attractions is phenomenal, I can see why some people don't bother with the bands, but I still think you need a balance. Sadly, (and kinda stupidly I'll admit) I thought it would be ok to go with a loved-up couple, but I was well and truely a Glastonbury goosebury (or Glasbury, as I have now defined) and I really did feel so lonely for allot of it, mainly because there where people I wanted to meet up with, but my phone lost battery, so that's what was really the downer for me, I mean I loved the guys I went with, they're great mates but I couldn't help feeling like I was cramping their style.
Thankfully on the last day I met up with a girl who was willing to drag the partying out until the early hours of the morning with me, romance free, (well there was an old man who was dancing by me at about five in the morning, completely naked, but I don't think he had romantic intentions, just a fuck load of shrooms.)
anyway onto the bands:
Friday morning Kate 'I've-got-a-London-accent-which-is-really-marketable-right-now' Nash was there to aurally irritate me whist I was freshening up in my tent (the downside to camping by pyramid is that you get to hear the likes of James Blunt and the Feeling, whether you want to or not) I drunkenly shuffled down to catch the Subways, I was well impressed, I should listen to them more often me thinks, then over to Vampire weekend, I was very drunk by this point, but still Vampire don't do it for me, am I the only one who finds them a little bland? I might change my mind about it, but considering the hooge crowd, they don't rock my world. When I caught Ebony Bones they where playing to a depressingly sparse crowd, turns out the night show was allot more popular. I was only really in the Fratellis so I could make my way to the front for KOL, I wasn't the only one with that attitude either, but they played a good gig. KOL was so fun, I had an awesome view but something seemed a bit off, they didn't quite put on a 'show'. I attempted Winehouse but the crowd was so big I literally had to stand by the bar to watch, which also has it's benefits I'm sure you'll agree. But then Jay-Z came on, who quite simply, nailed it. He opened with wonderwall after a video of Noel Gallagers criticism and various politicians spliced up for the context of the debate, and then hit us with 99 Bitches followed by samples featuring Winehouse, ACDC and other strokes of genius. I was totally captivated, and it truly was one of those "I was there" moments, which is what festivals are all about.
The next day the loneliness was getting a bit much and I spent allot of it wandering round the healing fields, trying not to cry and trying to find a friend who was working in the Thai massage tent, I couldn't find him so I made my way over to a gig. That morning I gobbled down some hash cakes that I bought from a girl who was so sweet I wish I could buy her instead of cookies and they didn't kick in until Goldfrapp started playing. I saw Goldfrapp in Cardiff years ago and for some reason I didn't expect them to be hugely better at a festival, but they where awesome, the spectacle that Alison directed was fantastic and perfect for folks as stoned as I. It cheered me right up, and I also found out that a girl wanted to share my tent with me, because her friends where leaving early so the future was looking bright for ol' Esther (and not fucking Orange, who didn't have a compatible charger for my prehistoric phone in their little tent thing).
later we went over to Groove Armada who where the one band at the top of my list, and they completely let me down, something fucked up in their sound check so they where really late, and the crowd just didn't get as into it as you would think. The only time they really got us going was super stylin', which was the last song, followed but a fumbling encore of well, super stylin' because that was the only song that we where properly into. I saw Groove in Cardiff a couple of years ago, it was one of the best gigs I've ever been to and I thought it would be even better now because they where headling a huge fuckoff festival, and festival gigs are nearly always a thousand times better than normal gigs, but not this time. Boo Groove Armada. You used to be cool.
So that was the general overview of my Glastonbury experience, I'll upload my photos once they're developed. But honestly it's the best place I've ever been to in my life and although it wasn't all fun for me due to some poorly judged decisions (like not charging my goddamn phone before going) I know what I need to do for next time and I'm going to go every year from now on, and if for some reason I miss it, it will be a very dark year for Esther.


Anonymous said...

mmm.. not sure what Ebony Bones show u were at, but the one we went to on Sat night was so packed people were being crushed at the front.

Esther said...

really? I saw them in the day in one of the dance tents, I wondered whether they was on another stage, looks like I caught their less popular show.