Florence, the machine, and me.

I was thinking the other day about my friends who look like famous folk. Not that I socialise exclusively with celebrity impressionists or anything but there are a couple of people I know who do emulate certain TV personalities, musicians etc. It's quite exciting when one of my friends is like "oh I saw this film and the girl in it looks JUST like Nicola!" then we all go investigate said film and argue whether Nicola might possibly be a film star without telling us.
That sort of thing has never happened to me before, but coincidently, when I met up for drinks with my friends Chris and Nicola (the secret movie star), Nicola turned to me and said "Oh there's this band called Florence and the Machine and you look JUST like the lead singer!" so off I go looking for my long lost twin Florence, and on the way I find a cutie female singer-songwriter. I'll begrudgingly upload a recent picture of me and my house mate Andy, very drunk, in a coffee shop for the sake of comparison, because it would be a bit daft to go on about Florence looking like me without a picture.

I can see the resemblance more now, but at first I thought it was simply the hair. I'm glad for such a complement though, because Flo is lovely.
As to be expected, the music is cute and pretty-pretty too. Florence has such a beautiful voice, it's a shame that our similarities are only skin-deep. Some of the myspace stuff reminds me of the dodgey early recordings of Kate Nash, except a hundred times better because seriously, Kate Nash, before all the hot-shit producers came to her rescue, sounded shit, like really shit.
If a label could be arsed to sign our dear friend Flo here, I think she'd do really well, because there's no denying the market for this acoustic/indie/prettypretty songstress, or is there?
To be honest, I do like listening to Feist, Regina Spector and Laura Marling-types every now and then because the sound is so sweet to the ear, but there are so many, do we have too much of a good thing?
It's like when your a kid and you have a cute cuddly bear, and it's so soft and comforting you want another, and another, and another, and before you know your looking round your room as a teenager and thinking "why the fuck did I accumulate so many sodding teddy bears?!"
But then again, some people never grow out of teddy bears, and they spend allot of time and money trying to convince people that the army of beady eyes in their bedroom is actually a collection, an investment.
So I think there will always be people who'll love this music, maybe I'll be one of them, and we'll never get over the cuteness, and in terms of cuteness; buttons ain't got shit on Florence and the Machine.

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