She's back.

I always preferred her to 80's Madonna, she had better hair. And now Cyndi is back, with a new studio album, 'Bring Ya to the Brink' which is released on May 27th in the states, don't know about the official release for us Europeans, but thanks to the internet, we have our ways of getting a piece of the action.
Listening to the songs on her myspace, it's sounding pretty good, I can't wait to hear the remixes, I think the hooks are strong enough to translate well into some fabulous collaborations. Speaking of fabulous collaborations, Lauper is said to have worked with Basement Jaxx, Digital Dog, Dragonette, Kleerup and more, giving the New Wave pop queen a dance pedigree.
The U.S. single 'Into the Night Life' (produced by Peer Astrom, who's worked with Madonna and Britney), sounds like a definite club hit, and considering the download-only release of 'Same Ol Story' got to number one of the first day, 'Into the Night Life' is likely to follow in the success. The song is very Madonna-esque but the good Madonna, when she's being all dancy and working with shit hot producers, not being predictable and contrived like when she's roping in Timberland and Timberlake for 'four minutes' of hell (is it me or does she make four minutes seem like a lifetime?)
Sadly I don't think Lauper will be donning her quite frankly, awesome look from the 80's (I think she's like 55 now, so maybe shaving half your head off wont be the classiest of moves) but it'll be interesting to see if she can make a successful comeback.

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