I found Santogold from clicking through the good ol' iTunes shop, and I'm not too ashamed to admit that It was purely based on the fact that there's shiny shiny glitter on the front, and I like glitter, so already the lovely Santogold and I where on good terms.
Basically, this album is awesome. It's pop but you can still really get your teeth into it. Like a good stake, and stakes are good eatin' for Gold Lions.
Front Woman Santi White's style and sound is distinctive, like her voice, but although she can sing it's not like, "wow. She can sing", meaning she's not overly technical and her voice couldn't handle a ballad etc.. but hey, we can leave that to the Polished Pop Poppets and Big Label Lovelies like Gabriella Cilmi (who sounds like Winehouse, but shitter).
The album is a colourful mixture of Pop, Rock, Hip-hop, Dub, New Wave, Psychobilly, and Electronica, amongst others. Also every song stands on it's own, with not a filler in sight.
My stand-out tracks are;
★ You'll find a way - free on iTunes single of the week, which explains why it's not the debut single, there's a stella surreal remix too, which I also love.
★ L.E.S Artistes - the debut single.
★ I'm a Lady - the chorus takes me somewhere special.
★ Shove It - can't wait to unleash that on my stereo once the sun decides to stop sulking and put his hat back on.
So far this album is my favorite I've heard this year, it's right up my street and really hits the spot. So thakyou Santogold (because Santi White is obviously reading this) for showing us all how pop should be.


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