Maybe this time

I liked Simian. Regardless of the criticism that they where too bland, only had a couple of good songs and where way to heavily influenced by The Beatles. I personally don't dislike any of their songs, and don't really feel that they're that bland, but I can understand where the critics are coming from. I don't really get why I like them though, regardless of their Beatles-esque sound, because the new Panic! at the Disco direction grates on me for being so canny, I don't know why I don't feel the same for Simian, but I've loved them since the Peugeot 1007 advert so maybe there's some sentimentality to listening to their music, or I don't know. It's just one of those things.
When they split, I was sad but excited to be left with Simian Mobile Disco because I thought "Simian but more dancy? Yaaay!" I didn't get quite what I was expecting, there wasn't the structure or catchy-ness of Simian, and I was hoping for Simon Lord's vocals too. So whilst I've felt resentment towards Simian Mobile Disco (they're good really though, it's only two members from Simian, Shaw and Ford plus they sometimes work with Lord so all is forgiven) The Black Ghosts pop up to give me what I was originally expecting. Lord is hi-fiveing with DJ Touche from The Wiseguys, and the partnership is sounding pretty good. Both being heavily influenced by the supernatural, and yes, ghosts - the music is an extension of their ghoulish childhoods (mainly poltergeists and being made to watch Hammer Horror films) and the disturbing lyrics and haunting rhythms swim amongst a very listenable, but dark collection of pop songs, which I am well into.

My standout tracks are:
- I want Nothing
- Anyway you choose to give it
- Repetition Kills you
- I Don't know
- Something New (lyrics reference Lords frustration with breaking though with his music methinks?)
- Face (with lyrics like 'don't slow down' and 'you got to face the music' suggests maybe the song represents Lord's motivation music wise.)

Go to their myspace and give it a listen. The album is out on the 7th, and I really think that this time Simon Lord will get the commercial recognition he originally wanted with Simian. I can't wait to hear it in a club, the catchy danceyness will hit the spot summut terrible when I'm merry and dancing my face off plus I think in light of all the successful dance acts around (i.e. Justice, Daft Punk etc..) this Electric duo has the album with the ability to reach out to many-a-ipod, including mine.

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