Something old, something new

Ah, the cleverness of Girl Talk. Gregg Gillis uses at least 12 samples from exsisting songs to create something new and completely awesome, I love the playfulness of the remixes but be warned any deep thinking Radioheads, (or anyone who complains that this doesn't count as real music) these tunes are meant to be taken with a fistful of salt. His album Night Ripper is stella, and for his new album you can pay whatever you want. So you don't really have an excuse for not getting a piece of the action. We're meant to listen to Feed the animals from start to finish, which I haven't got round to yet, but just like the days of loyally reading my girl talk magazines cover to cover, (remember the posters of donkeys and kittens instead of actual human beings?) I'll be sure to give Feed the animals the same treatment. I would name my favourite tracks but it's so hard! You'll listen to them like "oh this is my favourite.. oh wait no. Eee I love this bit! Oh fuck it it's all awesome." which hey, can't be a bad thing. I'm also patiently waiting for a Girl Talk gig (oh please come to uk, it's lovely here), because they're known to get pretty crazy, with Gregg removing items of clothes throughout the set. Lovely.

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