Rox my world

A Mark Ronson favourite (she performed 'Valerie' with him opening his tour, so impressed, Mark invited her back for a H&M gig) and yet another ex Brit School student (I can't imagine some of the egos inhabiting that place right now what with the track record of success stories), Rox is a lady I've been myspace stalking for a while now. I love the jazz infused popness of it, and the girls got a impressive pair of lungs to put the cherry on a soulful cake.
A couple off weeks back she put all new music up on her profile, I'm guessing she got dumped, as that seems to be the suject matter, hence the new stuff is alot more angst-y, (obviously shes expressing her pain through music which is nothing less than I'de expect from a good artist),
But sadly at the moment she hasn't got the songs up that made me fall in love with her in the first place, like 'Shoot Me Down', 'Frida Earings' and another stella song that I can't remember the name of for the life of me. Not that the new stuff isn't great, I just wish she kept the other stuff on too, because I'm greedy and I want it all.
I love the bitter-sweetness of 'My Baby Left Me' and the other two are really great heartbreak songs, recently added 'Leftover Love' uses the beat from Peter Bjorn & John's 'Young Folks' and I'm glad for another upbeat tune to get ready for a night of dancing to, along with 'My Baby Left Me'. I just wish her tunes and my ipod could meet, it's always a shame when you can't listen to a really good artist without logging onto the internet. We'll just have to wait for an EP to be available on iTunes, but untill that day comes, Myspace it is.

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